Diffused redness of the skin, across the cheeks and the nose, is among the temporary manifestation that translate into an excessive reaction to ordinary situations such as sudden changes in temperature, alcohol or spicy food consumption. Over time, these may progress to erythrosis then couperose.

  • ERYTHROSIS-when there is permanent dilatation of blood vessels on the face, especially across the cheek and the nose.
  • COUPEROSE-some vessels are more dilated than other and are clearly visible over a background of erythrosis. 15% of the population is effected by this skin condition that may lead to rosacea.
  • ROSACEA-the most severe manifestation of a vaso-reactive skin, is characterized by 3 main clinical signs that may be associated in a Varying manner on the central area of the face.
  • TELANGIECTASIA-visible capillaries.
  • REDNESS –in the form of flushes or permanent redness.
  • ERUPTION-of small pimples.

THE ROSA-C3 SKIN CARE TREATMENT-contain the cell control complex. With no less than 21 active ingredients of vegetal or biotechnological origin.

  • SIGNIFICANTLY reduce redness in intensity and size.
  • DIMINISHES the number and size of visible micro-vessels.
  • ATTENUATE burning sensations and tightness.
  • INSTANTLY soothe irritation and sensation of warmth.
  • PROVIDES immediate comfort and relief.
  • PREVENTS daily the clinical signs of these skin types from getting worse.