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Your skin is more then an attractive wrapper,
it is an organ of the body designed to protect inner organs from the environment and seal necessary fluids from harmful substances. This organ consists of external layers, the one we see–epidermis, and a layer beneath it which we don’t see-dermis.

The epidermis or surface of the skin cannot be glowing beautifully and firm if the inner layers are not in excellent working condition. In order to have good skin, you must first make sure that it receives all of the nourishment it needs, with plenty of proteins to help the skin cells renew themselves.

Our Skin is being attacked by outside forces every minute of the day. Pollution in all forms such as dirt, soot, grime—creep into our pores clogging up the skin’s breathing apparatus. When you are asleep, unless you are in highly controlled environment, the air that comes through the windows is probably polluted. If the climate is cold, we suffer from chapping, wind burn, and often the same lack of moisture. It is a constant struggle to fight the environmental damage done to our complexion.

Arisa European Esthetician invites you to come in at any time for a free skin analysis and consultation. She will analyze your skin and explain your skin type. Arisa than will prescribe three step home skin care treatment system: cleanser, toner and moisturizer that are proper for your specific needs.



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