Camphor Soufflé -Is a powerful PH balanced facial cleanser, recommended for
normal to oily and problem skin. It instantly softens the tap water, dissolving
the heavy sebum which usually clogs blemished pores.

Gentle Cleansing Gel –Is specially formulated for normal to dry and sensitive
skin. It cleans the face thoroughly while moisturizing with natural botanical

Silky Cleanser –Is a light foaming cleanser for all skin types. Helps to keep
the skin clear, hydrated and smooth textured thanks to a blend of French water,
botanical extracts, gentle seaweed and sugar based exfoliants.

Azulen Milk –Is a gentle soap less cleanser for all skin types and especially
for sensitive skin. Azulen helps to prevent the formation of inflammation and
skin allergies because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Multi-Fruit AHA Cleansing Milk –light, detergent-free, cleansing milk is
recommended for normal to dry and combination skin type. Unique system of
natural plant extracts, humectants, vitamins and a blend of multi-fruit AHA’s
effectively removes make-up and pollutants from the skin, while moisturizing,
detoxifying and exfoliating the skin.

Cucumber Cleanser –Is specially formulated for normal to oily skin. This is
gentle detergent-free cleansing cream it helps to remove make-up and surface
impurities while restoring the natural PH balance of the skin.