Energy Lift


Make your skin 10 years younger in just 42 days!
Who amongst us has never dreamed of traveling back in time to find our lost youth? This is precisely one of the major focuses of current scientific research with the work performed on GROWTH FACTORS that we are now able to identify and stimulate. We have been concentrating on one of these factors in particular, the FGF-2 (fibroblast growth factor), since this is the growth factor that exerts the most influence on our skin, facilitating cell multiplication, healing and stimulating the production of collagen. The latest scientific innovation has been the creation of a powerful active ingredient called LINE FACTOR that protects our FGF-2 and reactivates skin synthesis, thus promoting a genuine regeneration of skin tissue, improving its texture, reducing wrinkles and correcting the loss of elasticity. Astonishing!! Clinical evaluations and tests performed on women in two age groups (40-50 years old and 50-60 years old) have shown that the skin recovers the density and texture it had 10 years earlier and in only 42 days!!!